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Travel Mates 2

A new road trip!

Onur (Oğuzhan Koç) and Şeref (İbrahim Büyükak) have become both housemates and co-workers within in a year. Şeref is working, rather unsuccessfully, as Onur’s promoter. When Onur decides to return to his old job, Şeref decides to organize a tour full of surprises for him. Love, laughter and adventure once again await the unsuspecting duo on this road trip.

About to run into the realities of life as they chase their dreams, can Onur and Şeref achieve their goals?

As in the widely acclaimed first film, Road Trip Friend 2 features Bedran Güzel on the director’s seat, and İbrahim Büyükak as the screenwriter. Promising lots of laughter, the film features the starring cast of Oğuzhan Koç, İbrahim Büyükak, Ezgi Eyüboğlu and Olgun Toker.



  • Şeref İbrahim Büyükak
  • Onur Oğuzhan Koç
  • Çilek Ezgi Eyüboğlu
  • Selim Olgun Toker
  • Nevzat Kadir Polaçı
  • Cemre Bahar Şahin
  • Ayşen Aycan Koptur
  • Veli Kıvanç Baran Arslan
  • Muzaffer Usta Dilber Ay
  • Gülümser Ülkü Duru
  • Şükran Tamer Levent


  • Director Bedran Güzel
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Screenwriter İbrahim Büyükak
  • Production Company BKM

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