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La Dea Fortuna

A powerful story of becoming a family from Ferzan Özpetek.
In all theatres now!

Annamaria is hospitalized for several days to undergo tests related to her illness, leaving her two children with her close friends Alessandro and Artura. The news from the hospital will forever transform the lives of both the children and Alessandro and Artura.

The film was adapted from a true story, based on Ferzan Özpetek’s own life.

La Dea Fortuna is a powerful story of becoming a family, told through the themes of happiness, sadness, love and friendship.



  • Stefano Accorsi
  • Edoardo Leo
  • Jasmine Trinca


  • Director Ferzan Özpetek
  • Producers Tilde Corsi – Gianni Romoli
  • Screenwriters Gianni Romoli - Silvia Ranfagni- Ferzan Özpetek
  • Story Gianni Romoli - Ferzan Özpetek
  • Director of photograph Gian Filippo Corticelli
  • Editor Pietro Morana
  • Music Pasquale Catalano



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