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Terms of Conditions

The “Terms of Use”, with provisions stated below, contains the rules necessary for you to use the services on our www.bkmonline.net extension website (Site). As you visit or use our site, you explicitly accept, declare and undertake that you have read these Terms, comprehended their contents, will abide by and act in accordance to these Terms and all the prevailing laws, regulations and legislations related to the Site. Beşiktaş Kültür Merkezi A.Ş. and www.bkmonline.net (hereinafter referred to as “BKM”), reserves the right to modify, update or terminate the publication of all the information, conditions and regulations available on all the contents of the site and site extensions unilaterally at any time without any necessity for prior caution. These terms will immediately go into effect as they are announced on the site.


1. The information, text, photographs, brands, slogans etc. and all other symbols, all information related to intellectual property rights, page layout and the presentation of this website hereby is at the disposal of BKM. The partial or complete copying, modification, publication, sending online or through the use of other media, distribution and selling of the information on this website hereby or all sorts of database, web site, software-codes related to this site is strictly prohibited. In the cases of contrary practices, the user is deemed to have accepted all the legal and penal consequences of his/her unlawful use.
2. BKM does not undertake or guarantee in any way, neither explicitly nor implicitly, the accuracy, currency, adequacy of the information found on the Site.
3. BKM cannot be held responsible in any way or at any level and on any grounds, for damages caused by situations related to the interruption, delay, malfunction, modification of the Site for any reason or in situations related to errors, neglects concerning the site content.
4. You agree that you solely have the right to visit and view this site for your personal use, monitor events from the Site, acquire promotional information and use the site for other personal purposes. In this scope, you also agree that you will not use the site in any way or means beyond your personal use, copy, upload, publish, modify any information/content/image found on the site, create derivative works or expose them to public or distribute them in any way or make subject to any other illegal or unauthorized use without written permission from BKM.
5. You can only operate on the Site for lawful purposes by visiting or using the Site. All legal, penal and other responsibilities related to operations and actions you perform within the Site exclusively belong to you. In this scope, you have accepted, declared and undertaken that you will not reproduce, copy, distribute, process or make subject for any other purpose the images, text, audiovisual images, videos, files, databases, catalogues, lists or any other information, element found on the Site, in a way that breaches the intellectual or personal or any other rights or assets of BKM and/or other third parties and that you will not directly or indirectly come into contact with BKM.
6. BKM cannot be held responsible, neither directly nor indirectly, or in any other way, for the sustained or possible loss of third parties caused by your activities/operations performed on the Site that violate the terms of use hereby and/or the law/legislation.
7. The use of any kind of robots, spiders or other automatic or manual tools aimed at the use of our Site for unpermitted and unauthorized purposes or the fulfillment of any other objective within this scope without written permission from BKM is prohibited.
8. You accept, declare and undertake that you will not use any tool, software or any other hardware to interfere or attempt to interfere with BKM’s operations or perform any operations that bring unreasonable or disproportional load on our site infrastructure.
9. The commitment to the accuracy and compliance with law/legislation of information, content, audiovisual images provided and published by a third party is exclusively the responsibility of the persons performing these actions and/or sending the contents to the site. BKM, does not undertake or guarantee the safety, accuracy and compliance with law/legislation of the services/publications and contents provided by third parties, including users. You also accept that you will compensate the damages that third parties may be subject to, due to your unlawful/illegal use of the site, including using the site to connect to another site or the upload of content or other information to the site. You accept, declare and undertake that you will act in compliance with the related legislative provisions while using the site and that all responsibility encumbered on BKM or third parties due to your incompliance with legislative provisions will exclusively be on you, that you will not have any demands from BKM related to these responsibilities and that you will thus immediately compensate for all possible demands and damages that may be directed to BKM within the scope of this provision.
10. BKM is not responsible for the operations and actions of the third party users of the site, BKM users, advertisers and/or sponsors, as well as your actions, neglects or behaviours related to your use of the site.
11. BKM cannot be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages caused by entry to the site, the use of the site or the information, data, programs etc. on the site in any way or level.
12. In the case where any of the provisions limiting BKM’s responsibility is found to be contrary to related legislation by the related court, the provision in question will be applied in the scope of the provision with regulatory compliance and that which minimizes responsibility and thus BKM’s responsibility will be determined accordingly.
13. BKM reserves the right to modify the content offered on the Site at any time, prevent third party access, including Users, and delete the information and content on the Site. BKM may exercise this right without any notification or time statement.
14. BKM may provide links or offer redirections from the Site to third parties and other websites owned and operated by other third parties beyond its own control. These “link”s/redirections, are not attributions of support for the web site or the person operating the website or declaration or guarantee in any way about the website or the information contained on the website. BKM has no responsibility and/or commitment related to the portals, websites, files and contents accessed via the “links” on the site, the services or products, or the contents of these, offered by the portals or websites accessed via these “links”.
15. BKM, may temporarily suspend or completely terminate the site/services within the scope of the site when deemed necessary. BKM holds no responsibility towards users related to the temporary suspension or complete termination of the services or the shutdown of the site.
16. You are deemed to have accepted that in the case of a conflict about the site or related to the site arising from the use of the site, the resolution of this conflict will be subject to the laws of the Republic of Turkey regardless of the rules of the conflict of laws related to the conflict in question. Moreover, you also accept that, in the case of a conflict related to the site and/or its provisions, Istanbul (Çağlayan) courts and enforcement offices will be incumbent and authorized.
17. In the case of your violation of these Terms of Use, BKM may terminate your use of the Site, block your access to the Site in the future and/or take legal action against you.

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