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Mobster’s Guru

Bir Baba Hindu

First Bollywood movie of Turkey!

Fadıl, one of the fiercest mobsters of Turkey, one day falls in love with his Indian yoga instructor, Gundhi. Once Gundhi is kidnapped from Fadıl’s mansion Fadıl sets out to India with his trustworthy friend Hulusi.

He plans to rescue Gundhi and win her heart but this is a tough job as Gundhi’s mother is one of the fiercest mobsters of India. With the help of a Turkish municipality worker in Mumbai, Fadıl and Hulusi get entangled in numerous adventures as they try to reach Gundhi. Laughter ensues once Fadıl’s parents arrive in town. Will Fadıl be able to save Gundhi and have his happy ending?



  • Sermiyan Midyat
  • Burak Satıbol
  • Nicole Faria
  • Şafak Sezer
  • Zeynep Kankonde
  • Hakan Akın
  • Füsun Demirel
  • Ayhan Taş
  • Osman Alkaş
  • Begüm Öner
  • Muhittin Korkmaz
  • Bülent Kayabaş


  • Director Semiyan Midyat
  • Producer Necati Akpınar
  • Script Sermiyan Midyat
  • Executive Producer Arda Erkman
  • Executive Producer in India Baba Sandhu
  • Director of Photography Barış Özbiçer
  • Music Sandeep Shirodkar, Cem Yıldız
  • Art Director Murat Güney
  • Editing Çağrı Türkkan
  • Dance Choreography Rajeev Surti, Tanushree Dhaundiyal, Rahul D’Lima
  • Costume Design Esra Bayram
  • Hair & Make Up Artist Suzan Kardeş
  • Sound Design Supervisor Ulaş Ağce
  • Sound Levent İntepe


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